Monday, 17 September 2018

Prepare for Summer Fires

NSW Rural Fire Service has a Bushfire Survival Plan Here

Prepare your Home

If you live in a Rural area in NSW or the Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney or Northern beaches, this Weekend 22nd and 23rd of September Your Local Fire Department is holding information days,

Speaking to a Fire Service Professional, can put many outdated beliefs  to rest and replace with updated Practised and valuable advice.
1. Did you know a fire doesn't always travel up a hill or mountain, it can go in any direction.??

2. Did you know that a Fire Fighter will have more chance in saving a cleared home with no fire hazards, easy access and exits then a home littered with dead trees and fire hazards.

3. Did you know that if you have a Fire rated Metal Gutter Guard it can save your home from burning down because of Ember attack?

4. Did you know that Embers can travel over 5km if the conditions are prime?

5.If you have a Fire Survival plan you are way ahead. Families that wing it are more likely to loose and not just their home.

6. Did you know that more people loose their lives as they do not have a contingency plan. What happens if my one exit from the property is blocked???

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