Thursday, 10 May 2018

Architects and Builders

Architects and Builders

Leafsmart Gutter Guard is specified by many Architects and Builders. Why?... 

Corrugated Profile

Is it our service,?
Our prompt time frames?
Price guided solutions 
Product Quality? or
Fire Rating?

Tile Profile
We have been told it is our products:

Easy quick Installation, 
No saddles or clips needed, 
Seamless look compliments Roof design.
Made from Colorbond Steel.
Vermin proof
All BAL ratings covered
AS fire Rating (0) highest available
CSIRO tested
Collects maximum amount of water.
Keeps leaves ot of Gutters
Fire Protection from leaf litter in Gutters

Thank you

To the Builders, Architects and customers who have supported the Leafsmart Brand for many years, a great early start to the year with recommendations and outstanding reviews from many of you, so thank you very much.
Our happy customers has been atributed to the dedication of our customer service team,  Trade service, often going above and beyond expectations and a can do attitude.
Our Gutter Guard is the best brand of Leaf Fire Guard on the market for price and quality but it wouldn't be anything without satisfied customers.

Visit us now on to see how we have grown.

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