Sunday, 3 April 2016

Don't take chances Preparing for Autumn

Autumn is here, the weather is becoming cooler

How to prevent accidents on Roofs and around the home
- Get a Professional :
1.Gutter Guard Installer, 
2.Roof Plumber and 
3.Vermin Pest controller for your Autumn needs, unless you are trained in safety, the Cooler months are not a good idea to start taking risks roofs and surrounding areas become slippery.
Spring and Summer have gone..... Hello Autumn!

After the heat and perfect plant growing conditions of Spring- Summer 2015-2016 The continuous mowing and gardening of the last few months is coming to an end or slowing down at least.

I Welcome Autumn this year and know I'm not alone. It took a long time to come around this year.
Now, what is in your Autumn to do list?

Autumn to do list,? ....
  • Trim those vines and shrubs back
  • Get the hedges looking great
  • Clear downpipes and roofs of leaf litter and debris
  • Check all drains outside your home are working properly 
  • Check for roof leaks
  • Check around roof for potential vermin entry Points (thats right it is Rat, Mouse and Vermin time)
  • Clean out and treat pool for cooler months, think about buying a pool cover to help with leaf fall.

Autumn is also Accident time

  • Be careful, roofs are slippery, dewy and mossy and will get more so now that Autumn is here.
  • Don't take chances.
  • Get a trained professional to do it for you, get a guarantee where possible for the work done. 

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