Sunday, 26 June 2016

July and August,

The windy wintery months: In the early winter months, problems with vermin, excess leaves and branches falling, can get on top of you.. keep reading for simple steps to get on top of this now.

  • Look up: Check for weak points in tree branches around your home. Look for any safety issues where children play or where cars are parked. The last thing you want is for heavy branches to cause damage or worse.
  • Sweep, rake and blow:Keep your paved area free from leaves that can become slippery with cold rain, 
  • Slippery when wet: Your paved area and driveway can get mossy as well which could mean falls got to your nearest hardware store to advice you on the best product for this.

Be aware of these challenges around time of the year, keep on top of cleaning chores around the home.

  • Roofer: Get a Roofer to check for leaks after a heavy bout of rain and wind this can effect your especially tiles and shingles.

Guttering gutter Guard: Make sure your guttering is not clogged with leaves or branches that may effect drainage away from your home.this would be a good time to install gutter guard to your roof.

Vermin and Birds, Yes its that time again when vermin birds want to take refuge in your nice warm roof. 
Keep them out with a Steel Gutter Guard that they cannot chew or claw through. If they get in you may not get rid of them until the warmer months, so in this case, prevention is better that cure.

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