Sunday, 28 August 2016

Spring is nearly Here

Spring is Here 

Getting your Home and Garden ship shape is easy, if you have been maintaining throughout the year , if not it may be a bit more work, so you could do with a bit of help to get back on track, which a lot of us do.

Get some help from Trades who know what they are doing.
Do the easy work such as raking of leaves cleaning driveways and pruning shrubs yourself and enlist qualified trades to do everything else. Spring is here and you do need to get things done now. Call Leafsmart for a free quote and well help you in any way we can.

We will Clean out your Gutters, check for blockages, If you need
Gutter Guard we will give you a quote,
Do you have a problem with Birds nesting or vermin? Leafsmart can help with this also.
Do you live in the Newcastle or Sydney Areas we have a man near you. Call us now on 0404830648
Leafsmart your Home we don't just do Gutter Guards

A testimonial from a satisfied customer

I have recently had the gutters on my home fitted with Leaf Smart Gutter Guard, and it was Julian Heslop who came to give me a quote. After he worked out the cost, and I was very happy at the price. Julian said " you have two branches over your house from your neighbour tree, I will cut these back for you , also I noticed the lead flashing has come out of your chimney, I will fix this also, at no extra cost to you. Julian cleaned out the guttering before he applied the Gutter Guard, and he did an excellent job.  I found Julian a very friendly person, easy to talk to, and very obliging. I have no hesitation in recommending him and Leaf Smart Gutter Guard.
Regards Barry 

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