Sunday, 18 September 2016

Summer reduce Fuel for Fire

Cleanup for Summer

Please see video below:

The last few months have encouraged growth of tall grasses, small bushes and trees. Which means this  coming summer has plenty of Fuel for Fire. 
As a responsible home owner you need to make sure your home is fire protected, as this will lower your chance of becoming a statistic of fire damage. 
We have not had these conditions for years in Australia, the fire departments are concerned, as should you as a home owner, especially those living in rural fire prone areas.

  • Give your homes the best chance to survive a fire.
  • Clear out your gutters, 
  • Clear around your home of leaf litter and tall overgrown shrubs and grasses.
  • Keep all exit points clear and accessible. 
  • Have an exit plan, 
  • Call you local Fire department for guidelines around your home and suburb.
  • Be prepared

Your roof is vulnerable with embers being able to travel for miles. 
The first choice in your Gutter Guard needs to be a fire rated product for your homes roof. 

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