Thursday, 10 May 2018

Architects and Builders

Architects and Builders

Leafsmart Gutter Guard is specified by many Architects and Builders. Why?... 

Corrugated Profile

Is it our service,?
Our prompt time frames?
Price guided solutions 
Product Quality? or
Fire Rating?

Tile Profile
We have been told it is our products:

Easy quick Installation, 
No saddles or clips needed, 
Seamless look compliments Roof design.
Made from Colorbond Steel.
Vermin proof
All BAL ratings covered
AS fire Rating (0) highest available
CSIRO tested
Collects maximum amount of water.
Keeps leaves ot of Gutters
Fire Protection from leaf litter in Gutters

Thank you

To the Builders, Architects and customers who have supported the Leafsmart Brand for many years, a great early start to the year with recommendations and outstanding reviews from many of you, so thank you very much.
Our happy customers has been atributed to the dedication of our customer service team,  Trade service, often going above and beyond expectations and a can do attitude.
Our Gutter Guard is the best brand of Leaf Fire Guard on the market for price and quality but it wouldn't be anything without satisfied customers.

Visit us now on to see how we have grown.

                DIY no problem

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Autumn in 2018

Autumn in 2018

During the last few months, our weather conditions in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast have been unpredictable. Windy, cold stormy weather, bringing down power lines and causing flooding in areas, then in a complete flip, warm sunny humid days that feel like summer, happen. Its not only humans that are scratching their heads. Flowers that should have finished flowering months ago are having another bloom, its great in some aspects but also concerning. Looking after your homes needs was a seasonal thing, now is a monthy need. 
Autumn was mostly a cleaning need, trimming trees and raking leaves as everything is slowing down for Winter, Winter was mainly a water and mould issue, Spring was a planting and trimming issue, Summer a fire and flooding issue. This doesn't seem to be the case now. In the last few years we are noticing a change, these changes need us to change and become more pro-active and flexible.
Here in Warners Bay in Newcastle and around postcode 2282, The weather can be extreme. We protect our homes from Fire embers all year round, but our payoff is a beautiful leafy area. Minor Birds in the Maitland suburb pose their own particular problems and solutions. No beautiful area is problem free but at Leafsmart we help you find solutions you need All Year Round.

Please contact our experienced tradesman for advice. 

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Winter Gutter Guard

Why do we need Gutter Guard or Leaf screen in our Winter months?

Many of us live in areas where high humidity because of Gumtrees or Sea air influences our climate. In these areas mould can grow uncontrolled, unless the cause is driven away by adequate roof plumbing.
Roof plumbing is not only the Guttering around your home, it is also the quality Gutter Guard installed insuring that,

1. Maximum rain water is poured into the gutters away from your homes foundations
2. Gutters remain free of Leaf litter
3. A Quality Leaf guard should stay strong year after year without tearing.

Although roof Plumbing is one of the main tools to protect your home, the other tool is to trim trees back ensuring enough sunlight flows to your home.

If you are a skilled Tradie ask about DIY Gutter Guard we deliver to Sydney and Newcastle areas.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

What a Summer

What a Summer we are having.

Many records were broken this year, and not in a good way, maximum temperatures and dangerous conditions = out of control fires. South Australia to the Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions were all effected this year. 

Gutter Guards have saved many a house, (the correct gutter guard that is) They are the unsung heroes. 

Ever Wonder why some homes remained untouched while their neighbours go up in flames. Yes it is sometimes luck but sometimes it is not. 

That is why in Fire prone areas you are required to have Gutter Guard installed on your home, which is legislated by local council.

It is devastating to see a home with a lifetime of memories go up in flames, lessen the risk with a council approved  Blue Scope steel Gutter Guard as Leafsmart is.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tis the Season...

The Holiday Season is nearly upon us, but Before you start to celebrate.....Remember your Gutters

Every Aussie loves summer.
Masses of Purple Aggies , flowering Jasmine, get you in the mood for late night bbqs with friends, its who we are.

From the Eastern burbs of Sydney to the Northern Beaches, and beautiful Blue Mountains,
Many an ordinary household will be planning a Christmas Seafood bbq Extravaganza,  Glasses filled with ice cold water, a favourite beer or bubbly  twinkling in the sun perched on festive decorated tables.
Nearly every family will be cleaning out the pool in the next two weeks, getting it ready for the hot Summer Weather.

Please also remember o prepare your home for our notorious fire hazard Summer, remove 4 worries in one easy step and sleep easy.

Gutter Guard for your home is important, your home deserves the best Leaf guard, Leafsmart Gutter Guard performs 4 functions once installed many do not, See Below

1. Leafsmart Gutter Guard keeps pests out, snakes, mice, rats, birds, because it is made from Colorbond Blue Scope Steel.

2. Catches the maximum amount of water that falls and still keeps leaves out.

3. keeps your Gutter free from leaves.

Our Gutter Guard has a seamless design and finishes off your roof beautifully .

4. Gives you peace of mind that you have done your best to protect your home against ember attack in Fire prone areas. contact leafsmart for a free quote.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

2017 Spring and Summer Storms in Australia

  • Is a call to action for home owners to clean out their Gutters and Downpipes in order to maximise water collection and remove falling water away from the foundations of your home. 
  • Why is this Important.? In Summer months Australia's weather can become extreme, a month of heavy rain and hail, with strong winds can do much damage in a short time, especially if you haven't planned for it. Damage such as Soil Erosion, Tree fall,  Foundation weakening, pooling of water in roof areas, Flooding in the home, weakening of retaining walls to name a few.
  • When we are not prepared for the extremes of the Australian Weather we can suddenly find ourselves in trouble when storms and downpores cause damage.  But it needn't be. 
Simple precautions can be taken, for example, if you have Gutter Guard installed, make sure it has maximum water intake, water collection and removal is just as important as keeping leaves and debris out of Gutters.
  •  The trimming back of large branches and removal of dead trees on your property near your home, could save a life.
  • Recent headlines...Major Storm cells coming for Sydney and Central Coast area. Look to our website for more information here 
  • Walk around your property often, come familiar of its problems weak areas in various weather conditions, (every home has them) is there any flooding areas that you need to fix,? call in the trades. These jobs might cost a few hundred to fix, but if you don't fix these issues they may cost you thousands or even worse.