Friday, 28 December 2012

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes

The use of bird spikes is a controversial one.
For home owners with a bird pest problem that have not been discouraged by the Metal Gutter Guard, which means that even though the vermin have no entry into roof or gutters which is good, the birds may still want to nest on top of the Gutter Guard or in Roof Valleys. Here Bird Spikes are the last resort.

I have seen the Indian minor do this before; even though their entry is now blocked into the roof cavity, the birds do not want to leave and hover, they make do with a less than perfect nesting area because they are familiar with the environment.
Bird spikes have solved this problem. Sometimes both the Metal Gutter guard and bird spikes are required.
You have to remember that some birds are protected and bird spikes may cause harm to the birds, so if a native bird is causing the bird problem, I would look at other solutions such as a trap in order to move the birds on.


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