Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Fire Season

Prepare. ACT. Survive

What can we do to minimise Fire danger to our Homes?
Before there is risk of fire in your area, give your home a fighting chance, remember the best form of attack is defence.
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

1. Search your local council website, for fire action plans see below for links:


North Sydney:

Melbourne Victoria:

2. Get those Gutters cleaned,  replace faulty gutter guard with new metal, non combustable guard.

Use your in stinks if you have doubts that a certain gutter guard can do the job, go with your gut, regardless of what any salesman says.

3. Trim trees and bushes back, make sure there is nothing blocking an escape route off your property

4. Make sure all taps and hoses are working and are long enough to reach around the home.

5. Formulate your families escape plan.
6. Prioritise, what will you take? if your must leave within minutes, have these things at easy reach.

In Summary:
  • Personalise your own escape plan. Do you live on a property where live stock may be at risk?
  • What about the family pooch?
  • Do not take ANY chances, a home is replaceable, family members are not.
  • BE real, Spare yourselves, by realising what you are capable of doing and what you are not.
  • Locate your local fire department ask them to come out and assess the property for risks
  • Get your home protected against a fire so it has a chance to survive.

Have you ever seen the aftermath of a fire, why was one home spared and those around it destroyed?, Chances are that the homes that were destroyed had no chance. It does not always happen like this, but I have seen this happen often enough.

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