Sunday, 9 October 2011

Gutter Guard Why do we need it & What questions to ask before the quote


           Gutters and Gutter Guard work in unison to keep water away from your home's foundation.
            A Professionally installed Gutter Guard system, will prevent debris clogging Guttering, greatly reducing the risk of overflow of water, causing erosion, which can lead to foundation damage, damage to your home and subsidence issues within the structure.
            Birds Nesting and Vermin entry via your Guttering is also a problem which allows lice and other insects to infest your home.
            Using a Steel Gutter Guard that Prevents Birds and vermin entering via your Guttering is the best solution because it is strong and durable.
            In Bushfire season, trees shed excess leaves because of the stress caused by Australia's hot dry days, this causes dangerous fuel for fire in the Gutters of your home. With a Steel Gutter Protection system that is resistant to the effects of weather, this danger from 'Ember Attack' is greatly reduced.
            Installation of a fire rated Gutter Guard is now required by Council in Fire Hazard areas and you will need this before your new home is passed.

           4. Questions to ask prior to being quoted for Gutter Guard:

           1. Is the installer insured ?
           2. Are they a qualified tradesman. Some are not and unfortunately, may not know as  much about current building industry requirements. 
                Your roof is very vulnerable, If anything goes wrong here it can effect your whole home. For example cracked or damaged tiles, cause water damage if not picked up on, also guttering can be pulled away from the barge board because the installer is not using the correct equipment, this can cause damage to the roof and guttering and possibly effect the flow of water in your gutters.
          3. Does the product have a fire rating in accordance with council regulations? In the  area of Newcastle and Hunter regions there are fire hazard protection requirements that must be met before council will pass your home. So make sure that the product that you are looking at is going to be acceptable.
          4. Does the Tradesman or handyman have a police check, most schools and government buildings now require this and it does give peace of mind, it is not against the law to not have a police check, but this is something I ask all my tradies to produce.
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