Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Summer in Australia means Fires

Summer in Australia means Fun, Cricket, Fishing, The Beach, Boating and Swimming to many people, but if you live in the country or areas surrounded by trees, it can mean the risk of loosing your home to fires.
What can you do to reduce this real risk?
Action, Protect you Home by:
1. Trim back those trees! Make sure there are no branches near your roof and home. Make sure tree branches are not blocking an exit route.
2. Rake up all dry leaf litter that you have been putting off or meaning to do.
3. Ask a your local Fire station fireman, to come down and take a look at your property to identify possible risks you may have missed.
4. Have your guttering cleaned out, this is very important. Ember attack is very real. Even if you have ticked off all previous points, your risk is substantially increased if you haven't cleaned out your guttering and could all be for nothing if there is a fire in your area. 
5. Embers can be carried by wind for miles especially in the correct conditions, and it only takes one spark for the danger to become real. 
6. For new homes a fire proof Gutter Guard is required in fire risk areas, but older homes may not have these gutter guards in place. Save up  get a quote,  and get your Gutter Guard professionally installed for peace of mind.
7. Get rid of all potential fire fuel such as rubbish around your home or property.
8. Fix old hoses and make sure the length can reach all around your home.
9. Dry gumleaves are combustable so be sure to pay attention to these on and around your home
 www.leafsmart.com.au   for more information

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