Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Vermin, Rodents, Birds get them out of my roof now!

Vermin & Rodents such as Rats, MiceBirds even Snakes, can bring disease and parasites into our homes. 

How quickly and efficiently we deal with  these types of problems, will result in a recurring problem or a resolved issue.

With birds nesting in your roof, whether it's Starlings, Indian Minors or natives, its not only parasites, constant chirping and scratching that are the only issues. The hidden problem of bird feathers, nests of twigs and dry grass can cause a more dangerous issue: 
  • Feathers and dry twigs create a major fire hazard. And in our dry, hot Australian summer, becomes  effective kindling for a fire spark in your roof where your wooden joists are!!!
  • With Birds it does tend to be a seasonal thing, in the warmer spring and summer weather they nest and breed. To remove birds you must act quickly, mites are a problem if left too long, and this type of infestation is a real headache.
  • 1.  Contact a pest controller, they will know whether the birds in your roof are a protected species or not, and will take the correct steps in regard to this. You must remove the problem.
  • 2. You will have to repair the entry points in your roof this could be air vents or broken bargeboards. Call a carpenter if it is a big job. It must be repaired properly because the birds will come back! The weak points in the roof must be blocked.
  • 3. Get your Guttering and Gutter Guard Checked. If you have a rubber or plastic type material for the Gutter Protection System, this may not help in the long run with your problem, especially if rats or other vermin are a risk.
  • 4. Get a Qualified tradesperson to come in to replace your Guttering and Gutter Guard if damaged. Use a steel Gutter Guard System, especially for Rats and Mice.

With Rats and Mice you must get rid of the infestation first.

1. Try to remove their food supply, where there is no food there are no mice or rats.
2. There is an old remedy I have heard of, mice do not like the smell of peppermint oil and are repelled by it, so as an environmentally friendly idea you can sprinkle this oil in your roof to hopefully move the problem on. 
3. You also can try mothballs and the old but successful mouse trap. If you decide to put poison pellets up in your roof, you will have to find the dead rodent, which is a pain. 
4. When you have done as much as you can do, ring the pest controller to make sure there are no more mice around and to get rid of any dead or dying animals you may have missed. You can also just jump to this step and ring the pest guy initially, but most of you want to have a look at what is up there!
5. Remember the 3 steps i.e.: Remove the Problem, Repair the damage and Replace with a resilient product.

   Yes snakes have been found in roofs as well as rats, mice and birds.
  • Snakes are drawn by their sense of smell, chances are if you have snakes in your roof you have mice or rats up there first.
  • So with snakes once their food source is eliminated they will go also. Call a Pest Controller to be sure.
And again follow with the 3 Steps above, Remove the problem, Repair the damage and Replace old inferior product with new resilient Steel Products.
And remember  buy Australian made.

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