Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Spring the best time to Prepare for Summer

Where has Spring gone???, don't leave it too late.
Give your home the best Chance to survive an Australian Bush Fire

  • Fire Protection Plan in Spring? Absolutely.
  • Recent downfall of heavy rain along with beautiful sunny weather encourages rapid growth of trees and small shrubs. 
  • This Spring recent shrub and leaf growth has become perfect fuel for Spring / Summer fires.
  • Trees and shrubs shed leaves in Summer more if we have a hot dry Summer. Protecting your roof and around your home should be your number one aim.
  • Now is the time to protect your home, make sure you choose a fire graded Metal Gutter Guard, quite a few are not, Blue Scope Steel Gutter Guard is our number one selling Leaf Guard especially in fire zoned areas.
  • On my website there are links to North Sydney, Rural and Melbourne fire safety information sites, have a browse protect your home and assets.

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