Sunday, 25 September 2016

Prepare your checklist for Holidays

Enjoying your Holiday Breaks 

Planning a holiday is not just about finding the right venue, time and money. its about making sure your home is safe against unwelcome visitors, protected from fire hazards, and is well prepared for unexpected weather conditions.

If your going to travel either overseas, to beautiful Queensland destination, Islands off The Australian Coast, or to your regular family holiday Home on the Central Coast or Further North to Newcastle and beyond.
Having a checklist helps to ensure your  home is taken care of. This is my essential list as a guide,Yours may be different.
A list helps you prepare and gives you piece of mind. No more worrying whether you have turned off the IRON!!


1. Trim trees and overhanging branches get the Leaf Guard that you have been putting off.

2. Check your Booking for Rover in his regular kennel
3. Mow your lawn
4. Clean out your Gutters and Downpipes.
5. Make sure your mail is collected regularly by a neighbour
6. Cancel subscriptions
7. If your going to be gone for more than a month, make sure a friend or relative comes around and tidies up around your home, empties the pool or fills the pool if its been a dry few Summer weeks.
8. Make sure your alarm system is working
9. Make sure your outdoor security cameras have new batteries in them if
10. Empty the fridge
11. Pay all upcoming bills ahead of time
12. TURN off the iron, lights switches if needed, or turn off electricity,
13.Walk around your home and take note of anything else that needs doing
14. Place valuables that you cannot live without in a safe place.

15. Fill the Car with Gas and your ready to go..with peace of mind.

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