Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Autumn in 2018

Autumn in 2018

During the last few months, our weather conditions in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast have been unpredictable. Windy, cold stormy weather, bringing down power lines and causing flooding in areas, then in a complete flip, warm sunny humid days that feel like summer, happen. Its not only humans that are scratching their heads. Flowers that should have finished flowering months ago are having another bloom, its great in some aspects but also concerning. Looking after your homes needs was a seasonal thing, now is a monthy need. 
Autumn was mostly a cleaning need, trimming trees and raking leaves as everything is slowing down for Winter, Winter was mainly a water and mould issue, Spring was a planting and trimming issue, Summer a fire and flooding issue. This doesn't seem to be the case now. In the last few years we are noticing a change, these changes need us to change and become more pro-active and flexible.
Here in Warners Bay in Newcastle and around postcode 2282, The weather can be extreme. We protect our homes from Fire embers all year round, but our payoff is a beautiful leafy area. Minor Birds in the Maitland suburb pose their own particular problems and solutions. No beautiful area is problem free but at Leafsmart we help you find solutions you need All Year Round.

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