Sunday, 19 August 2018

Ember Attack is the greatest risk to losing a home, Why?

The number one risk to losing your home in a bush fire, is if the fire starts from Ember Attack in your Gutters. 

Think about it, 

  • A Grassfire is fought at ground level, you can see it coming, 
  • Ember attack is invisible until you see you roof alight.

All those homes filled with months of debris not only puts your home and family at risk, it puts your local community and neighbours home at risk. It is equivalent to having kindling matter such as old newspapers and broken splintered wood littered in your gutters, during a bush fire. 

No-one wants a fire starting in your roof, this is why Firefighters advise home owners to clean out their Gutters to prevent fire Embers from igniting roof kindling.
If you do not install a Gutter Guard the risk of losing your home in a fire is greatly increased, I've seen this many times before. 

Install a Steel Gutter Guard for your family and for your neighbours family.

Installing a Steel Gutter Guard, helps protect your home from the moment it is installed.

Before and After

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