Thursday, 30 August 2018

Unusually Dry, Hot Windy Weather forecast for Summer 2018.... What could go Wrong?

Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard, saves homes in dangerous fire conditions in Australia every year, we know this.

A Steel Gutter Guard Product helps Protect your Gutters and Home from Ember attack during a fire, it is strong, resiliant and will last for many many years.

The past few years in Australia have been good with plenty of rainfall in past Summers and mild temperatures.

This year it has been Hot and Dry with very little Rain.
Friends, family and neighbours have been in distress they have lost homes because of dry, windy and unseasonal hot weather conditions, causing fires and drought.

Many Farmers have lost their lively hoods, because of fires and drought. This year is going to be harsh.

So what can we do to protect ourselves from a bushfire?
Protect your homes with Gutter Guard,
Make sure Hoses can reach around your home.

Gutter Guard serves many functions when installed correctly.

1. It keeps Gutters free from buildup of leaves, sticks and other matter.
2. Helps collect maximum water when it does rain.
3. Keeps vermin out of roofs / gutters so water collection is unsoiled and feathers and other kindling is not in your roof.

Cut trees back. Have a Wide Clear boundary of at least 3 metres wide around your home, remove dead trees and shrubs.
Look at an exit plan for family members in the case of an emergency situation.
Have at least 2 exits available from your property were possible.

Please remember to Support our farmers. Look to council websites to be to donate in your local area.

Look out for more information on my website below.

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