Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tis the Season...

The Holiday Season is nearly upon us, but Before you start to celebrate.....Remember your Gutters

Every Aussie loves summer.
Masses of Purple Aggies , flowering Jasmine, get you in the mood for late night bbqs with friends, its who we are.

From the Eastern burbs of Sydney to the Northern Beaches, and beautiful Blue Mountains,
Many an ordinary household will be planning a Christmas Seafood bbq Extravaganza,  Glasses filled with ice cold water, a favourite beer or bubbly  twinkling in the sun perched on festive decorated tables.
Nearly every family will be cleaning out the pool in the next two weeks, getting it ready for the hot Summer Weather.

Please also remember o prepare your home for our notorious fire hazard Summer, remove 4 worries in one easy step and sleep easy.

Gutter Guard for your home is important, your home deserves the best Leaf guard, Leafsmart Gutter Guard performs 4 functions once installed many do not, See Below

1. Leafsmart Gutter Guard keeps pests out, snakes, mice, rats, birds, because it is made from Colorbond Blue Scope Steel.

2. Catches the maximum amount of water that falls and still keeps leaves out.

3. keeps your Gutter free from leaves.

Our Gutter Guard has a seamless design and finishes off your roof beautifully .

4. Gives you peace of mind that you have done your best to protect your home against ember attack in Fire prone areas. contact leafsmart for a free quote.

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