Wednesday, 8 November 2017

2017 Spring and Summer Storms in Australia

  • Is a call to action for home owners to clean out their Gutters and Downpipes in order to maximise water collection and remove falling water away from the foundations of your home. 
  • Why is this Important.? In Summer months Australia's weather can become extreme, a month of heavy rain and hail, with strong winds can do much damage in a short time, especially if you haven't planned for it. Damage such as Soil Erosion, Tree fall,  Foundation weakening, pooling of water in roof areas, Flooding in the home, weakening of retaining walls to name a few.
  • When we are not prepared for the extremes of the Australian Weather we can suddenly find ourselves in trouble when storms and downpores cause damage.  But it needn't be. 
Simple precautions can be taken, for example, if you have Gutter Guard installed, make sure it has maximum water intake, water collection and removal is just as important as keeping leaves and debris out of Gutters.
  •  The trimming back of large branches and removal of dead trees on your property near your home, could save a life.
  • Recent headlines...Major Storm cells coming for Sydney and Central Coast area. Look to our website for more information here 
  • Walk around your property often, come familiar of its problems weak areas in various weather conditions, (every home has them) is there any flooding areas that you need to fix,? call in the trades. These jobs might cost a few hundred to fix, but if you don't fix these issues they may cost you thousands or even worse.

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