Sunday, 21 October 2018

Storm Season has started Early this Year.

Storm Season is Here.

Check rain water is directed away from your homes foundations, 

Leaks are repaired and Gutters are clear and not overflowing. 
Overflowing gutters can damage the foundations of your home. 
When water comes into repeated contact with the foundation of a home or Building, continued water fall changes the integrity of the foundation and corrosion can result. 

Water is one of the most destructive elements in our world. Yet we also depend on it and need it. At Leafsmart we realised this and install a Gutter Guard that encourages maximum 
flow into water Tanks while keeping most of the water away from your homes foundations.

Leafsmart Gutter Guard is near you. Whether you live in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Gosford, or Newcastle we have a tradesman near you.

Have a look in our website for more information.

 Leafsmart web site

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