Thursday, 28 January 2016


Happy Australia Day!! 

What a relief to start the New Year 2016.
2015 has been a testing year, with Hail, Storms, Flooding, Terrifying strong winds lifting roofs off homes and of course horrendous fires.

The cleanup was tedious and in some areas still ongoing. Our thoughts are with you. 
When our weather causes extreme damage and destruction the spirit of the Australian people shines through. We help each other. This Aussie personality trait is still alive, and to me is what Australia day is all about.

Tough as nails is the Aussie spirit. Call it our brand. Australian famers  work so hard and don't expect much, but they should.

This Post is about patriotism (so something a bit different)
Farmers and all Aussie businesses need our loyalty, from us, to each other. 
I am confident that most Aussies new and old have this in bushels, and just need to be reminded every so often, because lets face it, we are all busy, we forget how important it is.

Buy 'Aussie Brands', ' Made in Australia', says the sprier from our farmers markets

'We've heard all this before,' you say. 
But its not old, I buy Aussie most of the time.

Even if that American Imported Orange with its perfect GMO plump skin screams 'buy me' in the supermarket, I buy Aussie.

So whether it is food, clothing, merchandise, music, furniture, Trade / building materials, when building a home. First choice, make it Australian.

Buying Australian owned and made in Australian, supports our countries Famers and Trades who built this country.
We were the lucky country so many years ago, some of you would remember. 

We had fewer options sure, but it was quality, and it made this country The Lucky Country, a Rich Wonderful Abundant Country, where people helped out each other.

I am proud to say my business is Australian made from Blue Scope steel, what's more Australian than Blue Scope steel, 

Hope you have a great Australia day !! and remember
to enjoy yourself with friends and family sitting around a BBQ catching up and maybe even a game of cricket could be mustered up.

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