Thursday, 28 January 2016

Does my Tradie have a License and can I ask to see it ?

Licenses :

Its that time of the year to take stock and decide your projects for the year. 

  • Fix the gutters 
  • Redo retaining walls for garden beds, 
  • Change the old kitchen for a new one or you may want put a deck on the back verandah.

All of these projects need to have one thing in common.
And that is a licensed tradesman

Ask to view their license and take a copy of it. (it could be a mates)
Even small jobs around the home could become a problem if the worker does not know what he is doing.
This time of the year more than ever is when some handymen try to pass as skilled tradesmen.

Just be aware that if the job is under 5 thousand dollars they are legally allowed to work on your home, these guys / guy may not know what they are doing but that is the chance you are taking if you don't ask to view there license. I don't know about you but 5 thousand dollars is a lot of money to me, and the aftermath I don't even want to go there, especially if someone is working on my roof.
Of course if you want plumbing or electrical work done you must always want to view their license!! As this is required of these trades as well as some others.

If you are unsure ask the Department of Fair Trading, they will put your mind at ease.
Just remember most tradies will want to show you their license, and why not they've worked and studied hard for it. The ones that don't well... make up your own mind. 

  • This point is very important! Make sure the licence is not  for say arranging flowers or sitting at a desk, if the work you require is brickwork or carpentry .

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