Monday, 15 February 2016

Leaf free gutters

When Gutters Clog

When guttering clogs a few things happen.
1. The obvious would be water overflows and tank collection is very limited if at all.
2. There is a danger of fire fuel such as leaves, feathers and other twigs etc.

The risk of fire in rural areas is very real risk in Our Australian Summer Season.


What you need to do:
1. Use a quality fire rated Gutter Guard. Our Leaf Guard is fire rated, council approved made from Blue Scope Steel fits seamless into your roof profile.
There are a lot of Shonky Jocks out there, good sales people and not much else.
You cannot go past Leafsmart Gutter Guard they rate their Customer service high and are regarded highly in the building industry with there premier products.

Remember to clean out your gutters seasonally by running a hose into the gutter making sure water is running down your guttering cleaning all silt out through the roof Plumbing.

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