Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas 2015

Our weather changing and we need to be prepared

Fire Smart your home, give your home the best chance over these coming months.

With all the rain and humid conditions we have experience throughout  the year,
we have more growth of trees and bushes than in previous years.

While this is great for our gardens making them attractive this Summer, make sure you have protective measures in place to best protect your home also.
A: It will not take much this Summer for conditions to turn deadly. A few weeks of dry heat, then these existing conditions could turn leaf litter, shrubs and trees, into a more worrying and potentially deadly fuel for fire.

Please visit your local council or fire station for procedures to help prepare your home this Summer.

Install Gutter Guard, get a quote from one of our preferred  installers.
Visit our website for links to your local council sites where advice and guides are available.

Fire protection guides are in place to give you and your property the best chance to survive a bushfire.

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