Sunday, 4 August 2019

Fire Season 2019

The Fire Season has come 2 Months🔥🔥 Early to NSW....🔥

2 Reasons Why :
1.The lack of adequate rainfall this first half of 2019 and 
2. Dominating unusually warm dry conditions, making perfect fire conditions.

It is especially worrying as there doesn't seem to be any indication this will change anytime soon.

So what to do?

Local Fire Stations have opened their doors for an Early Fire Protection Plan information days, Contact them via email or phone for help or arrange for a professional to come out and look at your property for an assessment.

Commonsense things you can do now; 
Clear the immediate area around your house from branches and dead trees anything that is a fire hazard. Make sure your exit area to your home is clear for an easy escape.

Decide on a Family Fire plan, you need to have one to keep your family safe and be organised in an emergency.
If you have more than a few acres make sure you have two clear exits from your property if you can.

Have an exit plan for your animals.

Don't forget your Roof,!!  Remember Fire Embers can travel up to 5 kms through the air and land in your Roof Gutters, If your Gutters are not free from debris such as leaves, twigs then it is a Fire Hazard. When a fire starts here, by the time you notice, it is too late. Install a fire rated Gutter Guard.

click on the link for more information on gutter guards.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Windy Weather

Falling Leaves 

While there is nothing more beautiful seeing leaves turning from green to orange to yellow in your neighbourhood ... leaves filling up Gutters and Driveways is an issue.
Blocked Gutters effect Rain Collection, causing overflowing Gutters and creating hazards such as  Water Corrosion and leaking Roofs in the Colder months.

Driveways become Slippery because of wet leaves and has caused many injuries when not Kept Clear.

To Do List for the Colder Months:
  • Clean out Gutters.
  • Clear Driveways of leaves, twigs and branches
  • Install a quality Gutter Guard
  • As the weather is very windy, make sure your Gutter Guard is a Steel Gutter Guard as twigs and branches from trees will pierce anything that is not strong enough so cheap imported product will not last in these conditions. 

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Storm Season has started Early this Year.

Storm Season is Here.

Check rain water is directed away from your homes foundations, 

Leaks are repaired and Gutters are clear and not overflowing. 
Overflowing gutters can damage the foundations of your home. 
When water comes into repeated contact with the foundation of a home or Building, continued water fall changes the integrity of the foundation and corrosion can result. 

Water is one of the most destructive elements in our world. Yet we also depend on it and need it. At Leafsmart we realised this and install a Gutter Guard that encourages maximum 
flow into water Tanks while keeping most of the water away from your homes foundations.

Leafsmart Gutter Guard is near you. Whether you live in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Gosford, or Newcastle we have a tradesman near you.

Have a look in our website for more information.

 Leafsmart web site

Monday, 17 September 2018

Prepare for Summer Fires

NSW Rural Fire Service has a Bushfire Survival Plan Here

Prepare your Home

If you live in a Rural area in NSW or the Central Coast, Newcastle, Sydney or Northern beaches, this Weekend 22nd and 23rd of September Your Local Fire Department is holding information days,

Speaking to a Fire Service Professional, can put many outdated beliefs  to rest and replace with updated Practised and valuable advice.
1. Did you know a fire doesn't always travel up a hill or mountain, it can go in any direction.??

2. Did you know that a Fire Fighter will have more chance in saving a cleared home with no fire hazards, easy access and exits then a home littered with dead trees and fire hazards.

3. Did you know that if you have a Fire rated Metal Gutter Guard it can save your home from burning down because of Ember attack?

4. Did you know that Embers can travel over 5km if the conditions are prime?

5.If you have a Fire Survival plan you are way ahead. Families that wing it are more likely to loose and not just their home.

6. Did you know that more people loose their lives as they do not have a contingency plan. What happens if my one exit from the property is blocked???

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Unusually Dry, Hot Windy Weather forecast for Summer 2018.... What could go Wrong?

Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard, saves homes in dangerous fire conditions in Australia every year, we know this.

A Steel Gutter Guard Product helps Protect your Gutters and Home from Ember attack during a fire, it is strong, resiliant and will last for many many years.

The past few years in Australia have been good with plenty of rainfall in past Summers and mild temperatures.

This year it has been Hot and Dry with very little Rain.
Friends, family and neighbours have been in distress they have lost homes because of dry, windy and unseasonal hot weather conditions, causing fires and drought.

Many Farmers have lost their lively hoods, because of fires and drought. This year is going to be harsh.

So what can we do to protect ourselves from a bushfire?
Protect your homes with Gutter Guard,
Make sure Hoses can reach around your home.

Gutter Guard serves many functions when installed correctly.

1. It keeps Gutters free from buildup of leaves, sticks and other matter.
2. Helps collect maximum water when it does rain.
3. Keeps vermin out of roofs / gutters so water collection is unsoiled and feathers and other kindling is not in your roof.

Cut trees back. Have a Wide Clear boundary of at least 3 metres wide around your home, remove dead trees and shrubs.
Look at an exit plan for family members in the case of an emergency situation.
Have at least 2 exits available from your property were possible.

Please remember to Support our farmers. Look to council websites to be to donate in your local area.

Look out for more information on my website below.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Ember Attack is the greatest risk to losing a home, Why?

The number one risk to losing your home in a bush fire, is if the fire starts from Ember Attack in your Gutters. 

Think about it, 

  • A Grassfire is fought at ground level, you can see it coming, 
  • Ember attack is invisible until you see you roof alight.

All those homes filled with months of debris not only puts your home and family at risk, it puts your local community and neighbours home at risk. It is equivalent to having kindling matter such as old newspapers and broken splintered wood littered in your gutters, during a bush fire. 

No-one wants a fire starting in your roof, this is why Firefighters advise home owners to clean out their Gutters to prevent fire Embers from igniting roof kindling.
If you do not install a Gutter Guard the risk of losing your home in a fire is greatly increased, I've seen this many times before. 

Install a Steel Gutter Guard for your family and for your neighbours family.

Installing a Steel Gutter Guard, helps protect your home from the moment it is installed.

Before and After

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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Architects and Builders

Architects and Builders

Leafsmart Gutter Guard is specified by many Architects and Builders. Why?... 

Corrugated Profile

Is it our service,?
Our prompt time frames?
Price guided solutions 
Product Quality? or
Fire Rating?

Tile Profile
We have been told it is our products:

Easy quick Installation, 
No saddles or clips needed, 
Seamless look compliments Roof design.
Made from Colorbond Steel.
Vermin proof
All BAL ratings covered
AS fire Rating (0) highest available
CSIRO tested
Collects maximum amount of water.
Keeps leaves ot of Gutters
Fire Protection from leaf litter in Gutters

Thank you

To the Builders, Architects and customers who have supported the Leafsmart Brand for many years, a great early start to the year with recommendations and outstanding reviews from many of you, so thank you very much.
Our happy customers has been atributed to the dedication of our customer service team,  Trade service, often going above and beyond expectations and a can do attitude.
Our Gutter Guard is the best brand of Leaf Fire Guard on the market for price and quality but it wouldn't be anything without satisfied customers.

Visit us now on to see how we have grown.

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