Saturday, 11 August 2018

Did you know, That Fire Embers can travel up to 5 KM plus?

Fires and drought are destroying many of our farmers livelihoods in NSW. It is no surprise that emergency procedures are being put in place as I'm writing this blog. The news of our harsh weather is far reaching, other countries such as The UK are hearing about the devastating plight of our farmers. This drought is soul destroying and all signs indicate that this is far from over. A High fire danger, is on the cards for this coming Australian summer. Every year  we have a period of extreme fire danger, its part of what is expected in our country, but this drought is different, many have never seen this before, I cannot stress the importance of being prepared this Summer.

Clear, Clean and Protect.  Did you know ? Embers can travel up to 5 km plus

Clear your land, remove flammable material, trim back overhanging branches, mow grass regularly. 

Clean your home and surrounds for a safe escape route if needed, know where everything is for an easy get away.

Protect you home, install a Steel Gutter Guard for Ember attack, Ensure Gutters are clear of debris, hoses around your home are clear of blockages and are long enough to reach around your property. 
Have a protection plan, practice and go through an escape plan for family members, and also livestock and pets in high risk areas.

Suburban homes owners feel they are not at risk, A wild Fire does not discriminate, prepare an escape route and protect your homes. Stay safe and don't be fooled into complacency. 

Insurance companies may not cover you if you do not have Gutter Protection installed, check fine print.

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